Production of household foils

A line for unwinding and packing of kitchen foil was installed In the end of 2011 that enables the manufacture of aluminum foil, cling film and baking paper with variable width and thickness. Due to high interest from customers, we offer lengths up to 500 m, with common widths of 290 mm, 380mm and 450 mm.

Our products bear the brands “Rolafix” and “Rosa”.

The facility is equipped with cutting edge machines granting high production rates and a quality meeting the demands on the global market. Owing to the highly qualified personnel, the main advantage we prize is meeting the short deadlines for our orders. The high quality of our products ensures the complete appeasement of our clients.

The main production of the facility is focused on aluminum foil, baking paper and cling film. We target the household market as well as the catering sector. Different sizes and packaging is offered, in accordance to client demand.

The facility has developed and implemented a HACCP system, AFS system and quality control system ISO 9001:2008 that guarantee the safety of our products in contact with food as well as their quality.

We supply not only for the Bulgarian market, but for international markets as well – Greece, Germany, Macedonia, Romania, Austria and many others.

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